The Testimony of Hands

Spun Fiber Sandal

40.2.6, sandal

yucca fiber sandal
Ancestral Puebloan (probably A.D. 500–1100)
Photograph by B. Bernard

This sandal was made with spun yucca fiber twine, but using the same plaiting method as the simpler sandals. The different shape of this sandal means it probably protected one side as well as the bottom of a foot. Though they have broken off, there are still bits of twine attached, showing where the loops would have been to tie it on.

40.2.6, sandal

40.2.6 detail
Photograph by B. Bernard

Plaiting produced the diagonal pattern, and patching after it was worn added the larger extra stitches in this example. Since this sandal took more time to make, perhaps that made it worth the effort of patching instead of replacing.

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