The Testimony of Hands


Location of Colorado Plateau

2009.46.12, finely woven sandal
Probably Basketmaker III (A.D. 500–750), Colorado Plateau
27 cm (10.6 inches) long
White City Collection
Photograph by B. Bernard

This sandal, like so many others, was discarded when the heel wore through. It is carefully woven, with a pattern change roughly halfway along its length. The sandal was fastened with a loop for the toes and cords that extended from the back of the sandal and tied around the ankle. The next photograph shows the bottom of the same sandal.


underside of sandal

This photograph shows details of the weaving.


sandal detail

The sandal below was made by a similar method. Since it has worn through differently than the one above, its heel shows the thicker warp yarns running along the foot inside the twined weft yarns that are visible on the surface.

60.23.3 sandal

twined sandal
Photograph by B. Bernard

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